Who we are

We started Herohub with a simple goal: to create seamless digital experiences for OEMs with complex sales and distribution networks. Our platform connects manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and customers to drive growth on brand channels and digital marketplaces.


How we work with our partners

As a team whose experience spans digital solution strategy, digital product design & development, and dealership management, we understand the challenges you face – and the opportunities that digital product systems can create for your brand. Our product and professional services offerings help you connect with your customers and drive growth in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

Research & Intelligence

We assess your business challenge from all angles and leverage a combination of engineering and insights to bring sustainable product strategies and solutions into focus.
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Market and User Research
  • Persona Studies
  • User Journey Mapping

Unified Experience Strategy & Design

We cultivate brand engagement and loyalty by translating user expectations into seamless omnichannel strategies.
  • Customer Experience Strategy & Design
  • Visual Identity and Branding
  • Mobile/Web/Omnichannel Ecommerce Strategy, Architecture & Development

Digital Product Development & Consulting

We build and support purpose-engineered omnichannel ecommerce, B2C, and B2B digital product systems that connect users with your business and channel infrastructure.
  • Assessment & Planning
  • Strategic Roadmap Development
  • Dealer & Distributor / Omnichannel Program Strategy, Design, and Development

A methodology-based approach to digital product development

Understanding your challenges, your customers, and your vision.

Discovery increases the likelihood of success when designing, developing and launching a digital product system.

We take a feature-driven, business value-led approach to understanding your current realities and defining the best path forward. This knowledge becomes the foundation for a strategic roadmap that acts as a long-term product strategy, timeline, and go-to-market plan.
Discovery process overview: understand and assess the current state, define the future state, create solution roadmap.

Architecting a solution that delivers long-term value.

Using the insights, requirements, research, and product roadmap deliverables from Discovery, we work in close collaboration with clients and partners to design digital product systems that can leverage our Herohub PaaS and SaaS product features or are completely independent.

Our user experiences are powered by flexible, component-based logic and infrastructure that integrates with critical business systems in your enterprise.
Example of a product solution architecture diagram

Engaging your customers, dealer networks, and partners.

Once we have completed the design and build phase, our professional services team works with you to create and execute a comprehensive launch plan for your digital product system.

This launch plan is designed to mitigate risk, confirm feature functionality and data accuracy, and ensure the seamless deployment of your digital product system to customers, internal stakeholders, and partners.
Example of product discovery, design, and development timeline

Moving beyond MVP.

Our team works with you to provide continued steady-state maintenance and administration of your product system using a flexible, team-based model.

Depending on your needs, we can work alongside your internal team or provide full-service support.
Agile development process showing four steps: design, develop, test, and deploy.