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Creating a prototype for RV mobile service

RV ownership has been growing steadily over the past few years, creating more demand on an already strained network of service providers. Customers typically wait 8 weeks or more for an appointment and make multiple trips just to diagnose an issue, causing them to potentially miss out on their next adventure.

In 2019, a leading RV retailer set out to change that. They partnered with Herohub to mobilize a growing service network by connecting customers with techs wherever they travel and providing independent service providers the tools they need to manage their business.

Screens from mobile services customer app

The Outcome

Connecting customers and available technicians

Our team conducted extensive user and industry research to understand the challenges and opportunities in RV vehicle repair among OEMs and dealers. This resulted in the creation of a prototype that included a purpose-built business management system for service providers, along with a companion mobile app that allows customers to request RV service. Providers can receive and manage leads directly in the platform, unify their existing business in a single dashboard, generate invoices and request/process mobile customer payment.

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