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Launching RideWithUs, a new consumer-facing brand

In 2021, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), an industry organization that represents motorcycle manufacturers, distributors, dealers and retailers, launched RideWithUs. This new program has a clear mission: to get "more riders, riding more."

Herohub partnered with MIC to create dealer training content in support of RideWithUs and build the strategy for a new consumer facing, dealer-enabled business model that establishes connections between future riders and dealers through a digital portal. At AIM Expo 2022, Herohub founder Jared Burt presented “Cultivating a Community of Riders,” an introduction to RideWithUs that encourages dealers to enable the journey to rider.

Ride With Us presentation showing industry-wide expansion plans for the program. Jared Burt speaking at AIMExpo


Leveraging dealership capabilities and an online portal to enable the journey to rider

More dealerships are joining MIC as dealer members and pursuing best practices to build their riding communities and current and future riders become part of a community that is connected to their dealerships. The customer lifetime value (CLV) associated with an integrated rider is over $50,000 per customer compared to less than $5,000 for a unit sale to a customer. Dealerships that adopt the mindset and systems to obtain lifetime customers as RideWithUs partners can realize a 100% or higher absorption rate. This model is helping powersports dealerships prepare for the next downturn in the economic cycle by becoming more financially resilient.


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