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Creating a premium shopping experience

Exmark is a leading outdoor power equipment manufacturer who sells their equipment, parts, and accessories through a network of dealers and distributors. When they initially came to Herohub, the Exmark team was seeking a way to unify a fragmented and inaccurate online parts & accessories shopping experience. Our reimagined ecommerce experience puts Exmark in control, while allowing customers to shop directly from their local dealer.

Exmark Shop Local homepage

Key Features

Dealer-sold, distributor-fulfilled ecommerce

Dealers are central to the Exmark shopping experience, serving as sellers-of-record for all transactions. Customers select and complete their purchase with their local dealer and orders are fulfilled by Exmark’s distribution network.

Exmark Shop Local dealer locator Screenshot of Exmark parts & accessories checkout process

Customer Experience

Customer-focused shopping tools

Exmark customers can search for the exact part number they need, shop by serial number/model, or view parts and accessories that are compatible with the vehicles saved in their MyExmark account. In addition, interactive part diagrams simplify the path from consideration to purchase and remove the dependency on third-party data providers. These diagrams display relevant parts as they are selected via contextual highlights.

Exmark Shop Local parts diagram shopping experience


Order management & reporting

A roles-based portal gives dealers, distributors, and Exmark admins the ability to view and manage orders, track sales and generate customized reports.

Exmark Shop Local order center Exmark Shop Local reporting dashboard

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