2024 Outdoor Power Equipment Study

How well do you know your owners? Discover the questions, considerations, and channels that guide OPE parts and accessories shopping in our latest research report.

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Insights from over 400 owners on where they research and shop for parts & accessories, what factors drive their decisions, and how retailers can adapt to changing omnichannel expectations.

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Key Insights

It's not just online or in-store — it's both.

Owners are split between in-person shopping and ecommerce, and show a strong desire to blend the two.

shopped mainly online


Big Box (Online)

Manu. Website

shopped mostly in a store or dealership

Big Box

Hardware Store


Parts diagrams drive decision-making.

Most owners have used a parts diagram for OPE purchases in the past year. Among these consumers:

  • 75% say that diagrams are very important to their buying process.
  • 51% say that diagrams are their #1 or #2 way to search for OPE parts and accessories.

of OPE owners used a parts diagram in the past year

Owners want online tools that enhance their in-person shopping.

Nearly 7 in 10 owners are interested in checking dealer inventory online and close to half are interested in buying products online for pick-up at a local store or dealer.