Solutions for Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) OEMs

Through our partnerships with Outdoor Power Equipment manufacturers, we build intuitive shopping experiences for customers and powerful business management tools for OEMs, distributors, and dealers.

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Shopping tools and new orders screens


Expand your unit and parts & accessories sales

Whether selling units and parts & accessories on your own brand channels and marketplaces or creating customized distributor and dealer B2B portal product systems, Herohub has the proven qualifications and products to elevate your OPE business.

We have worked with OPE brands to create industry-leading ecommerce experiences for customers. Through our partnership with Exmark, we developed a brand-controlled and managed ecommerce product system that allows customers to purchase Exmark products and accessories directly from their local dealers.
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Flexible digital solutions & ongoing support

Omnichannel Ecommerce Solutions

Herohub collaborates with OPE brands to create digital product systems that connect customers with the brand and dealers through direct or shop local ecommerce experiences. Our products allow OEMs to create and manage their own digital catalog of units and PA&A, manage real-time inventory, broadcast the catalog to brand and marketplace channels, view sales analytics, and perform payment transactions with dealers as the sellers-of-record.

    Brand, Distributor, and Dealer B2B Portal Solutions

    The Herohub platform and portal provide OPE OEMs with a feature-rich, flexible starting point to create digital product systems that meet their unique business needs. Our solutions allow OEMs to extend their enterprise business functions to distributors and dealers, and provide advanced analytics and order management capabilities.

    Program, Product Management, and Training Solutions

    Creating and maintaining engagement with digital product systems requires sustained effort and ongoing training. We work with OPE OEMs to design and develop programs that engage users and clearly communicate key features and benefits.

    Custom digital products for OPE OEMs

    Whether you use the Herohub product system or partner with us to create something completely custom, we have the expertise to conceptualize, build, and support solutions that provide sustainable, long-term value to your business.