Solutions for Automotive OEMs

We partner with automotive OEMs to create strategic digital product systems and solutions for B2C and B2B that unify the brand, dealers, and customers.

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Trusted partners to brands & dealers

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Our understanding of the automotive industry's unique challenges is informed by over 15 years of experience partnering with OEMs and dealer networks, including BMW of North America, BMW Canada, and Volvo of North America.

Together, we've launched, scaled, and supported a variety of initiatives, including industry-leading marketplace ecommerce and aftersales service programs.


Flexible digital solutions & ongoing support

Omnichannel Ecommerce Solutions

The Herohub product system allows OEMs to create and manage their digital catalog so they can broadcast it to brand and marketplace channels with dealers as sellers-of-record. This OEM-managed solution architecture gives brands the flexibility to tailor their approach to their unique needs.

Brand and Dealer B2B Portal Solutions

We know that OEM-provided dealer solutions need to have clear value and intuitive features. Our product system connects Tier 1 enterprise systems with Tier 3 Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and other dealer platforms to create feature-rich experiences for dealers and OEM admin users.

Program, Product Management, and Training Solutions

Creating and maintaining engagement with digital product systems requires sustained effort and ongoing training. We work with Automotive OEMs to design and develop programs that engage users and clearly communicate key features and benefits.
Herohub dashboard displaying sales metrics and performance over time


Custom B2B & B2C digital products

Whether you use the Herohub product system or partner with us to create something completely custom, we have the expertise to conceptualize, build, and support solutions that provide sustainable, long-term value to your business.