Unify your ecommerce experience

Connect manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and customers across multiple ecommerce channels and fuel your growth on your brand channels and leading online marketplaces.

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Is Herohub right for you?

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OEMs with dealer networks

Enable your dealers for ecommerce with tools that provide management, insights and control of how your brand and products are represented and sold online.
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    Brands & Manufacturers who sell

    Maximize engagement, gain tailored insights about your customers, and scale your business across brand and marketplace channels while leveraging service provider networks for omnichannel experiences.
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    An integrated omnichannel solution

    We give manufacturers, distributors, and dealers the tools they need to enable their channels for unified ecommerce, protect their brand, manage their products and integrations, and meet customer demand.
    Brand and Program Management
    Dealer and User Onboarding and Management
    Omnichannel Sales Performance Reporting and Dashboards
    Product and Fitment Management
    Advertising Strategy, Integration and Management

    Ecommerce Features

    Make ecommerce management effortless

    Dealer Program Management

    • Promote dealer sales & services
    • Create authorized dealer programs for Geo-fencing, Ship-to-store & Maintenance
    • Protect pricing policies to retain margin

    Brand Protection & Marketing

    • Own your content on marketplaces
    • Work with dealers and other partners to manage content
    • Decrease returns
    • Manage CI & brand image

    Analytics & Reporting

    • Aggregate & individual dealer-level analytics and reporting
    • Customer service reports
    • Stock insights
    • Sales metrics by ecommerce channel
    • Brand-managed vs. Dealer-managed catalog and sales insights
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    Marketplace Management

    Take control of your brand on marketplaces

    Scale and manage your business on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other online marketplaces with strategies built for your brand.
    Brand-driven content management
    Centralized sales performance and intelligence
    Pricing insights (MAP)
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    Optimize & catalog your content

    Transform your brand representation on marketplace channels and position your products for success.
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    Build customized programs

    Leverage opportunities for marketplace growth, from personalization to mobile services.
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    Drive traffic to your brand store

    Capture top of search keywords with coordinated advertising campaigns.